Preferences for Applicants of Federal Public Housing

A. Applicant Preference #1: Emergency: (65 Points)

Applicants are displaced by one of the following:

B. Applicant Preference #2: Local Residency (50 Points)

Applicants residing in the City of Fall River, or have at least one (1) adult member who either:
FRHA does not require a minimum term of Fall River residency to qualify under this preference. A family that can provide proper verification as outlined in Section 6.3 (B) of this policy qualifies as a resident, provided they do not live somewhere else.

C. Applicant Preference #3: Employed/Education/Work-Exempt (40 Points)

4.5 Federal Applicant Priorities

Priority points will be added to preference category points for applicants at admission only.

A. Veterans Priority (+3 points)

Veterans will be given priority over non-veterans, regardless of whether they are eligible for an applicant preference. Applicants determined eligible for Veterans Priority shall have three (3) points added to their current preference point total.

B. VAWA - Victims of Domestic Violence Priority (+4 points)

Victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking will be given applicant priority whether they are eligible for an applicant preference. (See: Appendix C)
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm
*Closed All Major Holidays