Rent Recertification is an annual review of your household’s income and household composition and is used to set and/or revise your rent. The process begins about three to four months prior to the anniversary of when you first moved into Fall River Housing Authority public. FRHA staff conduct the recertification three to four months in advance of the move-in anniversary and resident’s information and income sources must be verified with employers and banks.
Rent Recertification is required by both state and federal law. If you don’t complete your annual recertification, Fall River Housing Authority can start an eviction process against you.
Prior to your move in anniversary, Fall River Housing Authority will required you to bring for your appointment.
Below is a list of information:
You must also sign releases so Fall River Housing Authority can verify your income.
During Rent Recertification, you should update Fall River Housing Authority on any changes to your household composition. This includes any minors (children under 18 years old) added to the household or family members who may have moved out since the last report. You should also report any members over 18 years of age that are full time students. Fall River Housing Authority will ask for verification of the full-time student status.
If you have child-care expenses for children under the age of 13, or medical/dental expenses (including medical premiums, prescription drug costs, co-pays or other costs), you should report this to Fall River Housing Authority.
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm
*Closed All Major Holidays