Annual Re-Certifications

Each year, at least 90 days prior to the scheduled annual reexamination effective date, FRHA will send a Notice of Annual Re-examination to families. The notice of reexamination will include documents to be completed and returned by the family prior to their interview date and will include a checklist of required resident provided documents to be submitted at the time of interview.
Interviews will be held at a site located at the development the resident resides in. At the appointment, FRHA will assist any family in identifying the rent method that would be most advantageous. Families who may need to make alternate arrangements due to a disability may request a reasonable accommodation to meet their needs.
The Head of Household is required to provide FRHA with accurate and current information on the following, as stipulated in the lease:
1. Family composition
2. Annual income, sources of income, assets, and expenses of all members (families paying flat rent need only provide income information every three years)
3. Community service and economic self-sufficiency activities and exempt status of all family members over age 18
4. Social security numbers, proof of age, and proof of identity for any new family members
5. Citizenship or eligible immigrant status of any new family members
Families already paying flat rent will receive an appointment letter that will include the following information:
1. A certification for the family to sign selecting either (a) income-based or (b) flat rent. (Families selecting to continue paying flat rent, will not be required to attend the reexamination appointment.)
2. The amount of the flat rent for their unit size.
3. A fact sheet about formula rents that explains the types of income counted, the most common types of income excluded, and the categories allowances that can be deducted from income.
4. The dates upon which FRHA expects to review the amount of the flat rent, the approximate rent increase the family could expect, and the approximate date upon which a future rent increase could become effective.
5. The name and phone number of the FRHA representative for inquiries regarding flat rents.
1. FRHA will verify all required information listed above in accordance with FRHA policy.
2. HUD Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) and third-party verifications will be requested as required based on the most recent information reported by the household.
3. FRHA will compare the information the family reports to the family’s most recent EIV report and ask the family to explain any discrepancies.
4. During the appointment, the FRHA will determine whether family composition may require a transfer to a different bedroom size unit, and if so, the family’s name will be placed on the transfer list.
FRHA will make appropriate adjustments in the rent after consultation with the family and upon verification of the information. The public housing lease requires FRHA to give the family at least 30 days’ notice in writing stating any change in the amount of tenant rent and when the change is effective. Recertification effective dates will be the month in which the annual anniversary of the commencement of the resident’s tenancy occurs. (i.e., if a family’s date of admission is January 12, the recertification effective date will be January 1.)
1. If the rent determination is delayed due to a reason beyond the control of the family:
a) any rent increase will be effective the first of the month after the month in which the family receives a 30-day notice of the amount
b) any rent decrease will be effective as scheduled on the anniversary date
2. If the family causes the delay in rent determination:
a) any rent increase will be effective on the anniversary date
b) any rent decrease will be effective the first of the month after the rent amount is determined
If the resident fails to attend the scheduled interview and/or submit or sign required documents, a second notice will be sent via first class mail.
If the resident fails to comply with the second notice, the Property Manager will be responsible for determining whether there are mitigating circumstances that have caused the resident the inability to cooperate. If a hardship situation exists, the property management staff will assist the family in completing the annual reexamination process.
If the family fails to respond to the management staff’s efforts or it is determined that there were no extenuating circumstances involved, a notice to terminate tenancy will be issued.
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