Are you a landlord looking to lease your apartments to Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher holders? You do not need to sign-up or fill out an application to get started with Section 8. The steps for starting the process are listed below.
1. Market Your Property – Fall River Housing Authority can help you advertise your property directly to Section 8 / housing choice voucher holders at no cost.
2. Screen And Select a Tenant – You should screen​ ​prospective Section 8/leased housing tenants just like you screen other prospective tenants.
3. Schedule An Inspection with FRHA – If a family with a Voucher is selected, complete the necessary FRHA forms and have the family hand deliver the forms to the FRHA Section 8 / leased housing office. Complete the paperwork your prospective tenant gives you to schedule an appointment.
4. Prepare For The Inspection – Thoroughly review the Tenant / Owner Inspection Checklist​​ and prepare the necessary paperwork.
5. Attending The Inspection – FRHA will inspect the unit for basic health and safety concerns, discuss the rental terms and complete all necessary documents during the inspection process.
6. Execute An FRHA Contract. After the inspection has been passed and the unit is approved, you will create a rental agreement with FRHA. At this time, the applicant and landlord will know how much FRHA will pay for rent each month (the Voucher amount) and how much the tenant will pay you. This amount should add up to the total rent.
7. Sign A Lease – Once the rent is agreed on, you will sign a lease with the family. This will be done at FRHA’s central office at 58 Morgan Street.
8. Your Tenant Is Ready To Move In!
FRHA does not conduct applicant’s screening and selection process of Section 8/leased housing participants or check the credit or eviction history of applicants. It is the landlord’s responsibility to vet Section 8/leased housing applicants the same way you screen other prospective tenants Landlords are responsible for.​​​​
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm
*Closed All Major Holidays
For more information, contact
Kerry A. Farias,
Director of Leased Housing,
Fall River Housing Authority

For Section 8